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BovControl - Herd management


Field agents

Manage your herd and track your property´s activities with this application.

BovDairy - Digitize your dairy chain



Field agents

Increase milk quality standards, demand predictability and the application of best practices in dairy chain.

BovGenetics - Improve your yields



Field agents

Used for data collection in the field, analyzing improvements, enabling selection for optimizing your yields.

BovBeef - Digitize your meat processor chain



Field agents

Used for data collection in the field, analysis and history tracking to map product results. Easing management and sales effort.

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BovDairy connects Farmers, Field Agents and the Milk Processing Industry to increase milk quality standards, demand predictability and the application of good production practices.

Coordination and Traceability

Coordination and Traceability

Coordination and Traceability

Discovery BovDairy

Our  history

2016 - Data collection: Worldwide Livestock Digitization

2017 - Relevance: 9% growth per week for 32 months

2018 - The largest livestock database in the world

2019 - Nestlé Validation, the largest food producer in the world

2020 - Digitization and food are essential: 60% growth during the pandemic

We started digital livestock, empowering the producer with an application created to automate farm monitoring and improve the management of livestock activity, where the collected data generate strategic information to increase the productivity of cattle and assist the rancher in decision making.

Our management tool is used worldwide in the field, consolidating a tool that is friendly to the modern farmer. BovControl is helping producers in more than 59 countries around the world.

Collecting data and generating insights, this is how we become the largest livestock database in the world. Not only as a reference, but also as a generator of possibilities and learning for the entire chain.

Nestlé validated our strategy and now manages its entire milk supply chain with Leiteria, a tool developed by BovControl that has already helped more than 6,300 producers in the management and growth of their milk production.

We help the livestock chain impacted by the challenges of the Pandemic, overcoming new barriers and offering a quality service. With intelligence and relevance, we overcome the current challenges.

Leiteria:  digitalization of milk supply for the world’s largest food industry

Leiteria brings Nestlé’s milk producer agility in receiving information and the possibility of managing the results related to its supply.

With it, the producer has quick, simple and independent access to information such as payment and invoice statements, volume of milk collected, quality results and price received, in addition to the possibility to consult its history and perform the results comparison between periods.

Leiteria also makes it possible to coordinate the agents of the primary chain, in order to increase the milk quality standards, demand predictability and the application of best practices.

After 3 years of operation, Leiteria has already contributed to the education and digital inclusion of more than 1,500 families in the field, being used by more than 6 thousand users in the period.

"We had the challenge of building a friendly tool that would provide information in an easy and agile way for our ranchers and we didn’t know how big this journey would be. We needed agility and a competitive price. So we chose BovControl, an innovative and daring partner, which brought us agility at a competitive price.

BovControl leads the development of this totally innovative and pioneering App for our market, integrating with an unfriendly system. In these three years of partnership, I can see and feel how they advance and gain maturity.

Leiteria completely changed the way Nestlé has been communicating with its producers. This journey has been a success!"

The Dairy app has completely changed the way Nestlé communicates with its producers.

Bárbara Sollero

Supplier Development & Quality Manager

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BovControl digitizes livestock, transforming data into information and offers benefits for the entire livestock production chain.

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